Website design and website development for BG Home

Website design and website development for BG Home

Frontend and backend development with use of CakePHP

BG Home is a company that offers the full package of services from consulting, intermediary and legal services at purchase, sale, tenancy, hiring and management of real estate.

The real estate specialists from BG Home hired us to execute the task of creating a project for designing and developing a real estate website. BG Home hired us to design and develop a real estate website for three specific target markets in three different countries – Bulgaria, Russia and the United Kingdom. In order to execute the project we needed to learn the different specific characteristics of the customers in every target market, so we can structure the real estate website in a way that comforts the needs of the different customers in the best possible way.

We at Smart DG decided to focus not just on the real estate offers, but also to add valuable information about every detail that comes along with the process of buying a real estate. In order to make things easier for the users we divided the real estate offers in sections based on different criteria like the name and type of the area where the real estate is located, the specific type of real estate, the price range and other. We also added a search engine for real estate offers with detailed options. We created a list with the newest real estate offers from BG Home that are available to the users. And to make the planning for visiting a real estate easier we installed a plug-in on the website that shows the weather.

After the project was finished BG Home had a real estate website where their clients from tree different countries can easily and comfortably choose the right real estate offer for themselves.
The technologies we used in the process of development are: CakePHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and JSON.