How chatbots are helping our business?

If you came across this article then most probably you are searching for a way to scale the results of your business. Another possibility is that the word chatbot sounds intriguing to you and you are willing to find out how chatbots could be helpful for your business. Alright! You are now going to learn:

- How to communicate with your clients in a more efficient way

- How to reach thousands of potential clients without losing any additional time

- How to make the right offer to your customers without making them search through wide range of possibilities

- Which are the functionalities of chatbots that make them irreplaceable marketing instrument 

Let's first begin with a clear definition of what a chatbot is.

Chatbots are computer programs which are made to communicate with clients via text, video, pictures, links and other communication elements.

Chatbots can be integrated in Messenger or in your website. Their purpose is to save your time while making your communication with clients more efficient. Based on automation, not only they reply instead of you and save your time but they also classify your audience in order to offer every customer exactly what they need. 

Clients are getting more and more demanding and it is not a secret that they expect replies instantly. Often this is a deciding factor for realizing a sale. That's why chatbots are irreplaceable instrument to incorporate in your communication strategy. They are online 24/7. Using a chatbot will help you prevent losing clients due to a late response. 

People browse, compare and send messages. They expect to gain information quickly and this is important to them while deciding on a purchase. A chatbot would set you off at least 10 steps ahead of your competitors because of presenting the needed information to your clients much faster. 

So far, you learned how chatbots make it easier to communicate with clients. 

Other than that, chatbots are also able to reach a wide audience when being integrated in an online marketing strategy. Now, imagine that you increase your audience ten times and your offers reach many more potential clients. This would undoubtedly influence your business positively.

Chatbots offer many functionalities that allow creating games, personalized offers, making appointments with the ease of a click, keeping clients informed about new stuff and many more.

Which businesses are suitable to make use of a chatbot?

  • Real estate
  • Online shops
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Beauty sector
  • And more than 100 other industries

1. Here is how a chatbot could be in your favor if you are operating in the real estate sector. The chatbot will generate potential clients who want to sell or buy. It will classify them by asking questions and offering possible answers on which customers may click. After that the chatbot will make offers which are suitable to the client. Clients may call you on the phone directly through the chatbot to make inquiry about a particular offer.

2. Online stores

Online stores may make us feel like they are our children because we care a lot about them and once we have one we feel emotionally attached, right? But if we look from the customers' point of view we put them in a situation to look through huge product catalogs which are full of useless offerings in regard to what they are searching for. This may make your potential clients feel frustrated and leave your website being confused of the so many products and the long way they have to go through in order to make a purchase. 

Chatbots offer interactive way of communicating. One of the best things about it is that your clients will not be urged to leave their comfort zone because everything happens right in their Messenger. It only takes a few questions and answers so that the chatbot may present the right offers to the client. Everything happens fast and don't forget the possibility of reaching a wider audience and establishing long-term communication.

3. Beauty sector

If you own a beauty salon just imagine how easy it would be if your clients were able to make an appointment directly through a chatbot. Maybe it comes to your mind something such as: "Oh, but people tend to write 5 instead of 17." No worries. That's not a problem to a chatbot because it may offer the possibilities by itself so that people may click on the one that suits them best. We know that in beauty salons work is never absent and it's not easy for you to be replying to messages. Or maybe you hired someone to do this instead of you. Well, consider a chatbot that could do this 24/7. It really is frustrating to be waiting to get a message back. This turns making an appoitment too long process if it's completed at all. 

That's why chatbots are a marketing instrument which could make it easier to communicate with clients more efficiently. These are only some of the reasons that make it worth to consider using a chatbot for your business. We recommend testing a strategy that integrates a chatbot as soon as possible not only because of the many opportunities that it offers but also because it could help multiply your potential clients and keep them as customers. And the more efficient is your communication strategy the better the results for your business.