8 Tips for Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 2.3 billion active users every month, making the social network a great place to do business. And if you are an online marketer who thinks that its users and future customers are not there, think again.

According to statista.com as of June 2017, 3.7 million people were active users in the social network in Bulgaria, 19% of them aged between 18-24. Read the numbers again - 3.7 million! There is no other social network that has such a large volume of active users.

Fortunately, in Bulgaria, the cost of advertising on Facebook is still low compared to that in Europe and America. However, competition in the industry is increasing, and already a number of small and medium-sized businesses have begun to realize that Facebook is their platform.

We have listed 8 tips for successful Facebook marketing:

1. Understand your audience

CONTENT is KING is a popular concept in marketing, but the message of an ad is also crucial. Before you start any activity, sit down and write to WHO - WHAT you will say. Do you sell shoes / backpacks / t-shirts for youth? In that case, you cannot run ads for people of 45 years. and up. They just aren't your customers. And maybe you're a drill supplier, then definitely women under 22 are not your target.

2. Give value to the users

Okay, we already know who to advertise to, but one of the most common mistakes is to sell without giving. Create a unique deal, offer something for free, or invite them live to give them a discount card in your store. Make them feel special. On Facebook, people are constantly scrolling through the feed of their friends, loved ones, and relatives, and you need to offer them something really valuable to stop from you.

3. Have fun!

Share a funny meme related to your business or video on your page to show the fun side of things. PEOPLE LOVE Funny Things! By engaging them in this way, they feel an idea closer to you, and the response may be sharing their side and thus reaching more people.

4. Don't Sell!

We don't mean to spend money on Facebook just for the buzz, but we strongly recommend that your first ads not target direct sales. As mentioned above, give value to the user and they will then return your service by purchasing something from you.

5. Don't have a video yet?

Videos have become the most powerful tool on Facebook. They offer the best value for money and are definitely larger in scope than regular image ads. Facebook is constantly evolving and has made the creation of video across the platform quite easy for consumers and businesses alike. You just need to take a few hours to learn the functionality of Facebook video, prepare the right pictures and message.

SMART TIP: See the Facebook article on how to easily make a video: https://www.facebook.com/business/m/how-to-create-videos

6. ALWAYS use the right sizes!

For a moment, don't think about advertising the Website Clicks or Carousel that isn't the right size! In addition to Facebook, your ad also appears in affiliate social networking apps, Instagram, Messenger, and more. Another important thing is to mention that people use different devices - mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc. So if you haven't made the look for your new ad in the right size, you run the risk of Facebook cutting it off and writing it to someone instead of 15% OFF - 15% O, which you understand looks unprofessional and people will immediately scroll down without you paid attention.

SMART TIP: Use the NEW size 1080x1080 for Website clicks ads and for Carousel ads.


"We don't have a logo because we don't want to give away money for unnecessary things." I have heard this from many people in the business. After I ask them "Okay, and then how do people recognize you?" Followed by the loud answer, "We are known as .... we don't need a logo for that." Great! You have already created a name that only your friends and relatives identify with a product. But what happens when you want to reach a larger mass of people? Then how will they remember you? Recently, I found myself on a street near a stop where Coca-Cola had put only a small part of their world-famous logo and one did not even have to think about who the brand was. Create your identity. Put your logo on each ad.

SMART TIP: When preparing your ad, MAKE sure to pass the vision through a Facebook text tutorial: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay. The requirement on Facebook is NOT to pass 20% of the photo itself.

8. Follow and change!

Many people do not like numbers and statistics, but these are some of the most important things on Facebook. They speak to you and you must respond. Keep track of which ad is performing. How much does it cost per click? How many people has she reached? What is her commitment? When you find out which one is your "golden hen" - invest more in it.

Author: Stefan Petrov

About Stefan - He loves to travel the world as his dream is to visit all European capitals in Europe before 30 years. He has been engaged in Digital Marketing since 2016 and has continued to roam around in the wilds of advertising and marketing ever since. He likes to read books on the subject, with his biggest passion being influencer marketing and his favorite platform being Instagram.