4 questions to answer before you head to Digital Marketing

You have your own business and whether you are already implementing Digital Marketing or are just considering it, creating a personalized digital strategy for your business is a vital decision. Here are 4 questions you need to answer to find out if (and how) you can grow your business with Digital Marketing.

1. What will Digital Marketing help me with?

Most likely your potential users are already in the digital space. Whether they use social networks, dating sites, or just google and search for the services you offer, they're online!
Your online business presence makes it easy for potential users to reach you. And you don't have to rely on customers to find you, you can reach them yourself. The online space offers countless opportunities to reach a large audience quickly and intrigue you in a variety of ways.

2. Do I have people who are experienced enough in the field of Digital Marketing? Do they have time to deal effectively, or should they hire an agency?

Many businesses, especially small businesses, have a limited number of employees who are already tasked with multiple tasks. Effective digital marketing requires creativity, time and marketing skills and experience in the field.

If you are short on staff and / or time, working with an agency is a good solution. You may even be surprised at how accessible the services of marketing agencies are. The benefit to you is that the agency has staff that will focus fully on the needs of your digital business, and you will have more time to focus on growing your business.

3. What amount should I invest for Digital Marketing and where exactly should I focus my budget?

There is no universal answer to this question. Cost depends on your marketing strategy, but if you are wondering where to focus your budget, it is best to focus it on your staff - it is your most important resource. If you decide to contact an agency, make sure you choose a creative and experienced team. He will devote all his time and skills and make sure that you get the best for your money.

4. Which social networks should I use for my business?

Many companies are scrambling to take over all social networks when they enter the digital world, because they believe that this will generate more leads faster. Not long after, they realize that this is too exhausting, and they do not notice much change in the flow of new customers.

Instead of trying to conquer vast Internet space, smart companies prefer to use different metrics and analytics to determine where they are most likely to reach the desired audience. Preliminary surveys will save you a lot of time and nerves and will increase your chances of achieving good results in the long run.

But if you still decide to create pages on any major social network, and you don't have much (or no) time to update the information there, the least you can do is direct your visitors to a place where they can still find more information about your company. For example, your website or social network where you are active.

So, to summarize, before formulating your marketing strategy in the digital space, it is important to understand exactly what you want to achieve. Clearly defined and measurable goals are the first step to success. After defining your goals, you should develop a marketing plan, test and, on the basis of your results, evaluate which approach works and who does not. You then modify your plan to work better and test again. If you have trouble, you can always reach out to us or share your views in the comments.